Distance Sessions

The coronavirus outbreak represents an unprecedented phenomenon not seen since the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.
It’s forcing businesses to adapt and to change the way they work in a desperate attempt to survive.
It’s a scary time in many ways, but the secret is not to panic. Don’t let the media fill you with fear. Stay positive and look for ways to work around the restrictions that will keep you busy and help as many people as possible.
Be a force for good, because that’s one of the most powerful things you can do with your hypnosis skills.

Experience it: 
Think about a minor problem or irritation that is bothering you, nothing major. Got it? Use your imagination visualizing the problem and your position relative to it. Read the following slowly while manipulating your images of the problem as directed.

When you see the ellipsis (...), slow down and really think about what was just written. Think about a problem, if you could...

When you think of that particular situation, think of every aspect of it... Consider that entire situation for a moment... Would it be fair to say that things are getting a little bit more intense now,... so whatever the negative emotions were are getting a bit stronger, right?... What else could you think about other than that which is part of situation, only better?... How was that?... What just happened?...

Hypnosis helps a person to become more motivated. Imagine the power to stay on a particular weight loss plan. It doesn't matter whether your favorite program is counting calories, or carbohydrates. Hypnosis can help. Are you ready to implement your favorite diet to achieve a 100% success at reaching and maintaining your goal?

Chronic Pain
We all have a lifetime of associations that we've linked to pain and they are activated by the sensation of pain. What is it anyway? It is only an impulse that travels up a nerve the spinal cord into the mind. Learn a new way to feel your sensations. You have heard about people with very painful experiences being able to ignore their pain and so can you. Examples are child birth, fire walking, major surgery and battle field injuries. Pain is an important warning for something physically wrong and for this reason, I will require a medical doctor to understand your pain and give you written permission to pursue hypnosis as a method to minimize your discomfort and maximize your ability to cope. Hypnotism is always complementary to the best medical and psychological services.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is cooperation between you and the hypnotist. You are volitionally going along with the process. It is a form of influence not control. You are aware that you are participating. A professional hypnotist always gives positive empowering suggestions. You can step away at any time from the trance. He is only giving ideas. The hypnotist is not a master of you. You are always in control. The hypnotist suggests or nudges, and you develop your own mastery.

Unwanted Behavior
Fears cause many unconscious behaviors that we do not want to do and prevent us from doing the things we want to do. Hypnosis can help you resolve the fears, changing your understanding of them so they do not interfere with your normal life.  Sadness, Always feeling disconnected, Fears, Habits, Rituals, Public speaking, Money, Goals, Self-awareness, out of it, Blank spots in memory, Nightmares, Flashbacks, Intrusive Re-experiencing a terrible event, Numb to life, No emotions, Unreasonable avoidance, Neglecting Injuries, Agitated, can't sit still, Unreasonable worrying, Unreasonable anger, Shame and/or guilt. "Only if, I...", Sleeping problems, Alcohol and/or Substance abuse. I can help.