Distance Sessions

The coronavirus outbreak represents an unprecedented phenomenon not seen since the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.
It’s forcing businesses to adapt and to change the way they work in a desperate attempt to survive.
It’s a scary time in many ways, but the secret is not to panic. Don’t let the media fill you with fear. Stay positive and look for ways to work around the restrictions that will keep you busy and help as many people as possible.
Be a force for good, because that’s one of the most powerful things you can do with your hypnosis skills.

There will be a lot of mental and emotional scars for people who will need help, healing and guidance either because of losing loved ones, the fear of isolation or losing their livelihoods.
One of the reasons the Hypnosis Training Academy pioneered the training of hypnotists via online meeting platforms like Zoom for the past 5 years was to make hypnosis more accessible.

Thinking about your future…How would you be free…. Like this … only now… in every way? Really consider… how you would be feeling good… like this… now… in every way. How would you have been feeling full of vigor… anytime but now…and only that? How would you have been… anytime but now… a nonsmoker and only that?
Pretend your lungs are free… free...Take a deep breath hold it… and now let it out.. and feel good.

Tell yourself:
Smoking was slowly killing me. Addiction to nicotine didn't really help with stress; it actually created most of the anxiety I felt. Smoking only relieved the physical withdrawal I experienced when the nicotine level in my bloodstream dropped. Once I've gotten through recovery, I'll be able to cope so much better without smoking than I ever did with it.

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The sad reality for most businesses is that without customers, they can’t survive for too long. And unfortunately for some companies, the concept of working at home simply doesn’t make sense.
Fortunately, though, as a hypnotist, I fall into the “lucky” category as I can work from home and support my clients during these difficult times using hypnosis.
Instead of offering my services in the usual face-to-face environment, I can pivot my business model and work online.

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. Zoom – popular, free and reliable video conferencing platform that’s become the new Skype for businesses. Zoom is used for virtual business meetings, coaching calls, recording podcasts and a host of other things (we actually use it here at HTA). You can use the video functionality or just the audio with your hypnotherapy clients.
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