Groups of up to 6 people form every 3rd Tuesday of the month for a 2 hour hypnotic smoking cessation counseling. For many it is enough, and for some a couple of additional sessions may be required. The group session starts a 6:30 pm. Please call for to reserve a seat.

The benefits of ceasing to smoke begin immediately. Your body feels the difference as early as 20 minutes after the last cigarette. The changes will continue for years.

The actual annual cost of smoking up to $6,572. What could you use that money for?

Your heart and lungs work better.

You will have more energy for the people and activities you enjoy.

Thinking about your future…How would you be free…. Like this … only now… in every way? Really consider… how you would be feeling good… like this… now… in every way. How would you have been feeling full of vigor… anytime but now…and only that? How would you have been… anytime but now… a nonsmoker and only that?

Pretend your lungs are free… free...Take a deep breath hold it… and now let it out.. and feel good.

You too can become a non-smoker like all these people.

It is easy to agree that one needs to stop smoking is it not?... Slavery to tobacco is not freedom. You’ve heard that smoking is dangerous to your health and that of others. Just like the running of stop signs is dangerous to yourself and others; we are concerned about your smoking. Studies have demonstrated that current smokers have 44% fewer years of healthy life than individuals who have never used any substances.

From Europe the Ledochowski method has a 90% success rate with smokers. There will be a lot of mental and emotional scars for people who will need help, healing and guidance either because of losing loved ones, the fear of isolation or losing their livelihoods.
One of the reasons the Hypnosis Training Academy pioneered the training of hypnotists via online meeting platforms like Zoom for the past 5 years was to make hypnosis more accessible.

10% of smokers have a unique problem that they cope with by smoking. For these people a one on one session is available that will address their unique issue.