Nobody cares how much you know until they feel how much you care. We need a lot of skills to get along in this world. Don't you agree? To do hypnosis I must have the client's best interest in my heart. I must have an intense desire to hypnotize with positive intention. Strong focus, strong attention. I think that the client is going to have wonderful experience. It is a very positive experience.

Notice that I have your wellbeing as a primary theme and have effective advice that you can accept without you taking umbrage.

I am spending my time, wealth, and effort to provide value, a solution to your need.

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What do you expect from me? What are the emotive virtues, you expect that you and I have in common? What drives you and me? What is my purpose being here in front of you? What are the limits of our interactions? In what ways are you like me?

We are here to provide a service, and to help others with our effective skills, which are proven by effect? We all have our personal lives, problems, responsibilities and goals with limited time and resources to achieve them. We each have spent time learning a skill and I have learned to help by using hypnotic techniques.