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Without Smoking, You Are You In Everyway; Just Not a Smoker!

Everything you do now will be what you do tomorrow but as a non-smoker. You will find new ways to obtain whatever you think smokinge does for you and do it without smoking..

The benefits of ceasing to smoke begin immediately. Your body feels the difference as early as 20 minutes after the last cigarette. Your heart and lungs work better. The rate of cancer, stroke and heart disease are reduced. You breathe easier, rest better, and the cough disappears. Food will taste better and sense of smell improves. Your breath smells better, as your clothes, home and car smells better. Your lungs work better and as their function improves they are better able to filter out harmful toxins. Your heart function and general circulation are better, reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke. You have more energy for the people and activities you enjoy. Now you are free,... and will remain free for the rest of your life!


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Hypnosis is NOT sleep.
You Will NOT lose control.
You Will NOT reveal your dark secrets.
You are NOT gullible or stupid.
You Will NOT get stuck in hypnosis.