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Just imagine what it would be like to live in the kind of world where people have the power to end physical and emotional pain, unblock stuck minds and inspire people to aspire to bigger and better achievements.

Hypnosis is NOT sleep.

You Will NOT lose control.

You Will NOT reveal your dark secrets.

You are NOT gullible or stupid.

You Will NOT get stuck in hypnosis

Think about a minor problem or irritation that is bothering you, nothing major. Got it? Use your imagination visualizing the problem and your position relative to it. Read the following slowly while manipulating your images of the problem as directed.

When you see the ellipsis (...), slow down and really think about what was just written. Think about a problem, if you could...

When you think of that particular situation, think of every aspect of it... Consider that entire situation for a moment... Would it be fair to say that things are getting a little bit more intense now,... so whatever the negative emotions were are getting a bit stronger, right?... What else could you think about other than that which is part of situation, only better?... How was that?... What just happened?...

Only slightly think about that problem... In addition to whatever that problem is, I want you to barely think about that so that you're thinking about more of everything else you are... Exclusively, think about all the things you can do well and extremely well,... so that you're partially thinking about that problem but totally thinking about all the things you can do well... To the extent that you only start to feel all those things, well done, at the time or situation that the problem occurred,... and you can do that absolutely now,... can't you? ...

You have just experienced the power that words or hypnosis has. Hypnosis works. Get freedom from dysfunctional behavior and problems. Beliefs powerfully direct our behavior; some are true, some are false. Ocean Pines Hypnosis can help you change false beliefs into true beliefs. When false beliefs are eliminated your behavior becomes healthy.

Ocean Pines Hypnosis specializes in helping you with:

Weight Control

Hypnosis helps a person to become more motivated. Imagine the power to stay on a particular weight loss plan. It doesn't matter whether your favorite program is counting calories, or carbohydrates. Hypnosis can help.

Chronic Pain

We all have a lifetime of associations that we've linked to pain and they are activated by the sensation of pain. What is it anyway? It is only an impulse that travels up a nerve the spinal cord into the mind. Learn a new way to feel your sensations.

Stop Smoking

Every year millions of smokers give up cigarettes. With the right attitude, preparation, and knowledge, you can stop smoking too! The purpose of this web site is to help you decide to give up smoking. Ocean Pines Hypnosis can educate your conscious and unconscious minds to agree on smoking cessation. We care about every breath you take.

Unwanted Behavior

Fears cause many unconscious behaviors that we do not want to do and prevent us from doing the things we want to do. Hypnosis can help you resolve the fears, changing your understanding of them so they do not interfere with your normal life.

Sadness, Always feeling disconnected, Fears, Public speaking, Money, Goals, Self-awareness, out of it, Blank spots in memory, Nightmares, Flashbacks, Intrusive Re-experiencing a terrible event, Numb to life, No emotions, Unreasonable avoidance, Neglecting Injuries, Agitated, can't sit still, Unreasonable worrying, Unreasonable anger, Shame and/or guilt. "Only if, I...", Sleeping problems, Alcohol and/or Substance abuse.

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