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95% of the population (You) are not even given a chance to partake or even be educated on what I can bring to you. My passion is to preserve your family, your future, because too much unnecessary pain is being experienced. If you're traveling down a rainy road, wouldn't you want someone to stop you before you find out the hard way that the bridge ahead was washed out? Look around you why are there so many broken families? Our families' futures are at risk; let me help yours.


You are the expert at managing money. You've read all the books. You could probably write one yourself. You know all things about banks, stocks, and funds. Then why has it been such a struggle saving money or spending wisely once you worked so hard to save money? Whenever I'm with a client if find in most cases that it's a spending problem not an income problem. "Why is that?" you may wonder.


It may be that you are an expert at a logical rational level. Yet, habits and behaviors don't usually respond to logic and common sense.  They operate at the deeper unconscious level of mind. At this level you have had a perceived need to overspend or have to buy, or you simply wouldn't have been wasting your money. Perhaps spending is a way of reducing boredom; it distracted you from things that caused you anxiety; perhaps it momentarily lifted feelings of depression or unhappiness; maybe it was a way to relax, to heal and emotional bruise, or to reward yourself, or to celebrate. And don't forget, it's a sin to waste money when there are so many people so poor they can't put food on the table or just go to work.


A few years ago a well-known psychologist did a study on day to day situations that caused people the most anxiety. The study resulted in a list of the top 10 day to day, ongoing hassles people considered most stressful. Would you believe that at the very top of this list, the number 1 anxiety producing "thing" for middle classed Americans was concern about their money!


It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? So you start budgeting. While living under the budget you are obsessed with the thought of money, the very thing you want to relax and think less about. From the first thing in the morning, what can I buy, what can't I buy, when can I pay the bills, how much I can spend, how much I can't spend ... until the end of the day when you finally drift off to sleep with your last thought probably being, of course, money. And whatever you dwell on before you go to sleep is most likely what you'll dream about all night. Who knows, maybe you even sleep walk to buy online. Then morning comes and it starts all over again. Budgeting is a constant reminder of being one paycheck away from ruin, that you have a spending problem, that you are different from "normal" people. You are constantly depriving yourself of something you really want. So you create more stress to compound the stress that might have caused you to spend too much in the first place. You eventually break down, buy something you wish you hadn't (it momentarily eases the tension), but then comes the guilt, the failure, more tension, and the cycle goes on and on.


This money management program does help you think and feel like a person who is in control of their finances, someone who can plan for the future needs for themselves and their family. It doesn't work on developing will power. By relaxing and focusing your mental energy on what you really want, you develop more confidence, greater self-appreciation and a compelling desire to get control of your money and feel confident that you can handle your future. You will learn to be more aware of your true needs for optimum financial health and wellbeing, so that your spending and activity habits begin to automatically align themselves to meet those needs.


How will it feel to have control of your finances; control of your future?

We come to so many decision points in our lives, like forks in the road where you have to stop and be sure of your direction before you proceed. It's as though you could look in one direction and see one destination, then look in the other direction and see a very different end point. You could look down that road that branches left and see ahead in time, like you might do in a daydream, for example. Imagine you could project yourself a few years into the future. See yourself and pretend you have continued your life in much the same way as usual during those past few years. You are always on an edge of a financial cliff: your whole family is there with everybody's legs over the edge. Looking down at people they know who've already fallen.Take a good look at yourself, the shape of your finances, the way you carry yourself, the expression on your face. And pretend further that you could step inside yourself and look out at the world through your own eyes. You didn't start that long term financial planning. Things haven't changed much, just a little older, still afraid, or maybe it has changed. One single event can cause a mess... Remember how much it cost you for the accident, hospital bills, rebuilding the house that burned down, whatever. Then you have to leave your job or are forced out when the rainy day hits. You can't get a new job that pays what the old one did. Your entire family suffers, and usually for years.
What are you saying to yourself? From that position years from now, if you can look back at the YOU here in the present?Perhaps there's something you'd like to say...

But that's only one direction you can take. Standing back at that fork in the road, looking ahead and toward the right, there's a different future for you. Once again projecting yourself a few years ahead, there you are, and you've really done some things differently. Because of your planning, you are not stressed daily making ends meet: no more fighting with your spouse over money; you had the resources to handle the emergencies.You know your future because you know how promising your future is. Your saved money is growing compounding with a decent interest rate untaxed. Now, step inside this YOU and enjoy the difference. Notice how you feel. You're standing straight and tall, your face radiant, confident, excited about life. And what are you saying to yourself now? As you look back at the YOU here and now, is there something you want to say?...

There will always be those decisions. There will always be the forks in the road. The decision is easy. It just depends on where you want to go, left or right... That's right. You can make the right decision, knowing what's left. Just remember to look ahead, right to where you want to go.

Now I don't know if you'll be able to accept this all at once or if you'll notice yourself feeling better about it a little at a time. It may happen rather suddenly, perhaps it could take another two weeks, or it could even take you as long as a month, to accept the idea of: controlling your finances and saving for the future. You're probably pretty curious yourself about how you can do it.


Which of those pathways will you want to travel? You might remember that Alice in Wonderland came to a point in the woods where there were so many different ways to go. "Which way should I go," she asked the Cheshire Cat. "Where are you going?" the cat asked back. "I don't know," said Alice. "Well, it doesn't much matter which way you go then," was the Cat's Reply.


First of all to get to a destination we need to know where you are at. Above are proven goals that you should aspire to. Imagination is the key. Napoleon said, "Imagination rules the world." Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." And the degree to which you can vividly imagine something, the greater impact it will have on you. The greater your concentration is, the more vivid your imagination. You have optimum concentration when you are deeply relaxed; that is when you have the greatest amount of brain energy available. It has been proven scientifically that visualization of goals with word, pictures, and emotions while relaxed make their achievement rapid and permanent.


Now it's time for me to go to work. Once I've got a snapshot of where you are at and declarations of your goals. I've got to analyze this information and design a plan in conference with the financial doctors I am associated with. Finances are something that both spouses need to agree upon, I need a date from you when we all can get back together a deadline for me to prioritize my time.


I don't expect you to make any decisions today for learning is like planting a seed in a garden. You know you can put that seed into the ground, cover it with soil and provide it with water and sunlight. From that point on, however, there really isn't much else you can do, except perhaps continually pull away the weeds that might choke its growth. But you can't sit there and tell it how to grow. What on earth would you tell it? You don't know. You can't dig it up and check on it every day. That would certainly disturb the process. All you can do is trust the wisdom of that seed to take nourishment from the environment, at the right time, to germinate, to take root. And one day you'll look out and see results. That seedling poking it is head above the ground. And you'll know that some very important work has been going on beneath the surface all along. And that work will continue. Those roots will spread take firmer hold, as your plant grows stronger each day more able to hold its own and withstand the elements. Likewise, your unconscious will continue to work and learn for you long after these seed have been planted in this presentation.


Finally everything we do is confidential. Whatever is said during our time together is strictly between me and you.


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