What do you expect from me? What are the emotive virtues, you expect that you and I have in common? What drives you and me? What is my purpose being here in front of you? What are the limits of our interactions? In what ways are you like me?

We are here to provide a service, and to help others with our effective skills, which are proven by effect? We all have our personal lives, problems, responsibilities and goals with limited time and resources to achieve them. We each have spent time learning a skill and I have learned to help by using hypnotic techniques.

Notice how you have put hypnotist in limited conceptual boxes and now that you realize they are good capable people, you may as well realize how you are enriched by them. When you get home, you have something to do. Notice how you are already thinking about what you need to do. If you have extra time, then think about what you have learned. I know you're wondering how to get the energy. Because we can learn from each other, so it is good to experience others.

We are good people each with strengths, capabilities and knowledge that you can learn.

I have lived quests, adventures, pursuits, rescues, escapes, being the underdog, temptations, maturation, loves, sacrifices, discoveries, down falls, and rising up again. You have also. Everybody likes a good relatable experience and they should be exchanged enriching our lives helping each other. Life is so much fun!

There is only one group of people that can live beyond retirement and it's the SELF-EMPLOYED. Because of being laid off from my engineering job and electronic engineering jobs appearing to have gone offshore, I've opened business as a Consulting Hypnotist. My target client is one suffering from chronic pain with possible addiction to pain killers, those who fear acute pain, weight control, unwanted habits, and smoking cessation.

Why pain control? Insurance dictates that doctors can only spend a little time with many clients. As a result, they manage pain by prescribing opiates. 86% of devastating addictions originate from a doctor's prescription. A hypnotist can help clients to reduce their discomfort to a level where opiates may not even be required.

I've been training to be a hypnotist for the last few years. Hypnosis is a very natural highly focused activity, in which the conscious mind, one part of the mind, does not interfere with another part of the mind. People go into trances every single day without realizing it. Examples are: watching a movie, reading a book, daydreaming, absorbed in your own thoughts and many others. Your mind suspends normal reality and enters the reality of a book or film and then you have a reaction to it as if it was real on some level.

Nobody cares how much you know until they feel how much you care. We need a lot of skills to get along in this world. Don't you agree? To do hypnosis I must have the client's best interest in my heart. I must have an intense desire to hypnotize with positive intention. Strong focus, strong attention. I think that the client is going to have wonderful experience. It is a very positive experience.

Notice that I have your wellbeing as a primary theme and have effective advice that you can accept without you taking umbrage.

I am spending my time, wealth, and effort to provide value, a solution to your need.

Imagine someone in pain, perhaps someone you know and notice how you long to make them more comfortable. Maybe you have given well-meaning advice only to have them reject your good advice out of hand and it breaks your heart. Problems are thought loops. People get stuck searching for solutions in a confined mental space, which does not offer an adequate solution. A hypnotist can expertly guide them beyond their self-imposed limits in considering their problems. With hypnosis, their understanding of what is possible is expanded beyond their current limitations allowing you to make belter choices. You are thinking about someone and you are thinking it is good idea that you introduce them to me. You know that you can feel good about helping them. Feel the joy of knowing that you have improved yours and their lives.

Are you stubbornly thinking about the same limited options that you have allowed yourself or you are interested? Help us, and arrange a meeting with them, so we can help them to find a way to be all they can be.

Your Hypnotist