What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is cooperation between you and the hypnotist. You are volitionally going along with the process.  It is a form of influence not control.  You are aware that you are participating.  A professional hypnotist always gives positive empowering suggestions.  You can step away at any time from the trance.  He is only giving ideas. The hypnotist is not a master of you.  You are always in control.  The hypnotist suggests or nudges, and you develop your own mastery. 

A hypnotist desire is: Just imagine what it would be like to live in the kind of world where people have the power to end physical and emotional pain, unblock stuck minds and inspire people to aspire to bigger and better achievements.

The hypnotist has no judgement because nobody is without separation from what is most desirable. He doesn’t take insurance and doesn’t work for the government or your company and none of what is done is nobody’s business but yours.

Every day you live in a sea of suggestions everywhere. Other than compensation for my time, I don’t want anything from you; I want something for you, a better you.

The take away for you is: You and the hypnotist work for a better you with your cooperation, permission, desires, and goals.

My guarantee is:  If you don’t quit, I won’t quit.

Hypnosis is a natural state, in fact, we are in hypnosis many times each day. We pass through hypnosis on our way to sleep and when we wake up each morning. Recent studies of ultradian rhythms, these are bio-rhythms that are less than one day long, conclude that every 90 to 120 minutes we pass into a state physiologically identical to hypnosis. So, when people ask; Can I be hypnotized? The answer is; You already are. Here are some other times in which people experience hypnosis naturally. Becoming absorbed in a good book or movie is experiencing hypnosis. Driving on long trips on automatic pilot is known as highway hypnosis. Becoming bored or allowing your mind to drift away leads to hypnosis. Becoming extremely engaged in something and allowing your mind to focus means that you are experiencing hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state in which you can think clearly and your imagination is active. It is a state where you could move if you wanted to or if there were an emergency but you would rather just remain delightfully relaxed. It is a state in which beneficial ideas can more quickly and easily gain access to the inner mind. And because we all experience trance each day, we can understand just how safe it is.

People describe the experience of hypnosis as highly pleasurable and often comment upon emerging that they feel like they have had a refreshing nap. You might feel any number of sensations while in trance. Most people’s muscles grow loose and relaxed. Many report pleasant feelings. Often the breathing grows deeper and slower as a result of increased relaxation. Feelings of warmth or tingling are common. Often people report an increased ability to visualize much like daydreaming. Some peoples perception of time is altered, the trance state may seem much longer or shorter in duration than it actually is.