The High Road To Stop Smoking

Every year millions of smokers give up cigarettes. With the right attitude, preparation, and knowledge, you can stop smoking too! The purpose of this web site is to help you decide to give up smoking. Ocean Pines Hypnosis can educate your conscious and unconscious minds to agree on smoking cessation. We care about every breath you take.
Tired of feeling like an outcast?
Tired of hiding and having to sneak outside for a cigarette?
Tired of having loved ones ask, "Why are you trying to kill yourself?"
Tired of the annoying early morning hacking cough?
Tired of worrying about developing smoking related cancer, heart disease, lung disease or stroke?
Maybe you feel "smoking is strictly my business and nobody is going to tell me how to live my life."
Do you want your children to smoke? Children of parents that smoke are more likely to start smoking themselves.
What are your reasons for ceasing to smoke?
Think about your reasons for wanting to quit and the positive effects it will have on your life. Write these reasons down.
I want to quit smoking because … ______________________

We have been taught that imagination is not real, but, your deep internal mind cannot differentiate imagination from actual experience... Work with me... and use your imagination... during this presentation... Imagination is real and powerful...

For example Robert Frosts "The Road Not Taken".

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

and sorry I could not travel both

and be one traveler, long I stood

and looked down one as far as I could

to where it bent in the undergrowth;

Today imagine... you are standing at a fork in the road... You have come to a decision point... Should you continue to do what you have been doing with regard to unwanted habits and fears?... You think about all the problems and concerns that the inabilities, brings into your life...

You all are here... to change... your unwanted behavior... in what you can do differently... or behave in a more functional manner...

The road on the left is a slow downward road. It is easy to take the Low Road... You could just coast down it. It is the path of doing what you have been doing for so long. But, it is a path of misery...

The road on the right goes upward. It will take some effort to take the High Road... It is the way of freedom... It is the High Road To Success!... It is the road of being unafraid and having the useless habits and behaviors left in the past.

Look at the road on the left... It means carrying all of the problems associated with continuing your anxiety even longer than you already have... Think of how bad your behavior makes you feel... Really allow yourself to feel... the weight of the burden...

Feel your desire to be free...  from all of the ill effects of hurting yourself this way...

Imagine going down that low road,... of being disappointed,... one more year... There you are,... after one more year... of being misunderstood... because you have continued... to suffer... Feel the weight... of the disappointment... in yourself... You notice the things that litter this painful way of living in anxious self-denial... How many others are hurt... by your smoking?... There is a mirror there,... you see yourself,... and you ask yourself,... "Am I pleased with myself?... Am I happy to have another year of self-doubt?... Do I feel better having made this decision?... Do I look and feel better about myself, or not? Do I feel smarter?... Feel the disappointment... you have in yourself... for continuing to smoke... for another year!..." Really feel the consequences... of remaining on this low but easy road...

Come all the way back to now... to the beginning of the fork in the road... And, feel better... because none of that has to happen yet and it doesn't have to... You have decided... not to let that happen to you... You have decided to take the High Road of Freedom on the right!... You know that it will take a little more effort, but now you know in your heart... that it is worth it... You have decided to start respecting yourself! In fact you have already left the old way... by coming here today!... You are already taking your first steps... toward freedom... and success on the road on the right...

Let's see this new decision to leave your fears or habits. You think about all the good positive changes that becoming free!... Being free... from all those problems... you have the feeling... of really being in control and confidant... Free! Free!... You are now on the path on the right; it means success and a feeling of energy and optimism...

Imagine going down that road… of having made these changes... There you are… after one year... of being in control... You feel good, great!... You have done it... you are a success... and you never felt better... and you feel even better yet!... There is a mirror there... and you see yourself and you ask yourself, "Am I pleased with myself?... Am I happy... to have accomplished my goals... for a whole year?... For a moment just reflect... on all of the positive aspects of yourself:... your creativity, your intelligence, your talents... People see you as a good friend,... a good worthwhile person... Just imagine yourself free... See yourself, confident... certain of your abilities, very certain,... your health, certain of your talents,... and certain of your appeal... Ask yourself, "Do I feel better... having made this decision?... Do I feel healthier?..." Feel the pride... that is inside of you. Was it worth it?... Yes, you want to continue... and stay on the High Road of Success?...

The benefits of ceasing to smoke begin immediately. Your body feels the difference as early as 20 minutes after the last cigarette.

Your heart and lungs work better.

The rate of cancer, stroke and heart disease are reduced.

You breathe easier, rest better, and the cough disappears.

Food will taste better and sense of smell improves.

Your breath smells better, as your clothes, home and car smells better.

Your lungs work better and as their function improves they are better able to filter out harmful toxins.

Your heart function and general circulation are better, reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

You have more energy for the people and activities you enjoy.

The actual annual cost of smoking one pack a day is up to $3,393. What could you use that money for?


Anxious hiding is now simply something that you used to do. It was a mistake to have ever done it,... but now you are free,... and will remain free for the rest of your life!... You look into that mirror one more time and ask yourself, "Am I pleased with myself... to be free for a year?... Would I ever go back to that old bad habit of hurting myself by smoking?... Am I glad that I have made this permanent change?... A change made for good?..." Of course you are!...

You now have a new found level of certainty... you are ready... really ready... change!... You are now ready stay on the road on the right, the High Road of Success...

You all are here... to be free of unwanted behaviors... for the benefit of you and your loved ones...

Frost finishes with:

I shall be telling this with a sigh.

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I ...

I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.

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